Tara Grace Walker

PhD Student, Media Research and Practice, University of Colorado Boulder.
Writer, Researcher, Advertising Nerd.
Lover of Cats. Spiller of Coffee.


I am a PhD student in the College of Communication, Media and Information at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I am in the Media Research and Practice PhD program, on the Advertising, Public Relations and Media design track.

I'm interested in the creation and dissemination of persuasive messages in mass media and their effect on perceptions of gender, sexuality and race. Specifically, I'm interested in the ethical implications of advertising’s ability to reflect, create and exploit social change. Most recently, I've studied hegemonic masculinity represented in Dove Men advertisements, looking at the way these ads attempt to reshape the conversation around what it means to be a “real woman” or a “real man.”


Current Work

I just completed a draft of a novel that spans several decades and incorporates a lot of historical research. It's based very loosely on the life of my grandmother. I've been slogging through rewriting and editing with the support of my wonderful writing group. Someday soon, I hope, it will meet the wider world!

The Woman, Blinded by Her Husband, Speaks

Published in the anthology, Magnolia: A Journal of Women's Socially Engaged Literature.


A creative nonfiction piece about a freight train trip to Chicago.


Part of my crossword puzzle-inspired series of poems, featured in my 2009 chapbook, Sewn Into the Nest.

from Antidepressant Anagrams

Poetry created from rearrangements of the letters in the names of prescription medications.